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Viktoria Nazarov


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Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

Who I am

As a human being, I find it most accurate and succinct to describe myself in this way. My primary role is to assist others in discovering inner peace, harmony, and satisfaction in life.

I proudly stand on a register accredited by the Professional Standards Authority, affirming my commitment to uphold the highest professional standards in my endeavours. This accreditation reflects my dedication to excellence and assures you of the quality and integrity that define who I am.

I guide individuals in recognising the root causes of their challenges, reshaping their perspectives and responses.

My primary objective is to foster a healthy society where everyone leverages their unique qualities.

Drawing from my personal journey involving relocation, diverse experiences, languages, cultures, and motherhood, I’ve realised the paramount importance of individual existence. In a world where each person is a unique personality, openness can pave the way for significant positive change.

Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

How I work

Employing psychosomatic principles, I engage with the client’s subconscious by interpreting their body reactions to uncover the genuine origins of conditions or symptoms, facilitating immediate transformation.

Throughout the therapy process, clients can pinpoint the underlying reasons for their subconscious responses that lead to undesirable or negative symptoms.

By altering the response to the initial event, clients have the opportunity to transform not only their immediate reactions but also all subsequent responses, if they choose to do so. This process paves the way for resolving the problem and alleviating associated symptoms.

Issues Treated

Tools I use

Allows you to turn your attention completely inward, deep within, and make changes like giving up bad habits, changing the perception of any situation, or regaining control in certain areas of your life.

A set of psychological techniques that enable us to identify the root cause of the condition or illness in which we find ourselves. It is unique as it is based on a visualisation of the situation or sensations in the body. PSY2.0 techniques allow us to work with the body through the subconscious mind.

Coaching techniques help individuals to move from where they are currently to where they need and want to be. They are quicker and more effective than acting alone.

Metaphorical Associative Cards are sets of pictures or words for working with any kind of psychological issues. The core of working with metaphorical cards is to describe the chosen picture using associations that always relate to the current state or request of the person looking at it. Perception is what makes this tool unique in the sense that the same picture will always be described differently by each individual. 

Scanning is a technique by which you can access the information you need. This technique allows you to see a person’s energy field, their problems, and their condition. You can also see the effects of products and medicines on the person’s body. This technique makes it possible to find the reason for the person’s request for therapy more quickly.

The practice of standing on nails allows you to: work with fears, gain deep relaxation on all levels by experiencing a state of trance; improve physical health, to learn how to cope with stressful situations, and to access energy. 

The practice of getting up on nails speeds up your internal metabolism, and as a result, the process of awareness of intention is accelerated. If you stand on the nails with a clearly articulated request, the movement towards the intended goal is greatly accelerated.


“One of my insights is that I unconsciously told myself a story: "life becomes meaningful if I invest my life in becoming a ***. Everything else is less valuable, even meaningless.” That's a story I'm not going to tell myself again.

There are millions of other important and meaningful investments in life. I'm going to make my own.

Thank you, Viktoria, for guiding me through this process!”

— Paul, L.

“I met Viktoria feeling down and lost in complicated life affairs… She is a very attentive and sensitive person who listened to and understood my problems well. Then she did wonderful work with my subconscious and conscious mind using PSY2.0 techniques and MAC cards.

I am feeling happier and brighter,

my life has improved, and I can cope better with stress. This happened within a few months of starting regular sessions with her. I am very grateful and highly recommend Victoria as skilful and efficient psychologist.”

— Gediminas, S.

“Thanks to Victoria’s coaching I have a wonderful new attitude to life after just a few consultations.

In particular, I am impressed by how she effortlessly helped me

to resolve my stressful mental and physical symptoms in a short time. Among other things, thanks to her, I was able to almost completely resolve my long covid taste disorder in just one session. I can fully recommend Viktoria and I am grateful to her from the bottom of my heart.”

— Nelly, L.

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