How is a child different from an adult?

How is a child different from an adult?

You’ve probably got your own answer and it’s likely to be different from mine.

Naivety👶. Or rather its absence in an adult.

It’s the childish part I have in me, the part I don’t want to part with. At the same time, I understand how life works, I can soberly see what’s going on around me, how different people are walking on the streets, what a different story each of them has.

What good is it to be naive, you may ask? Isn’t that what we adults so avidly try to learn from our children? To love unconditionally, to play and laugh out loud, to sleep drooling on the pillow, to look around as if it never happened before and will never happen again!

Naivety, with no thought of consequences, is beautiful. And most importantly, it doesn’t need to be learned – you just have to keep it 🧘

Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

Viktoria Nazarov

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