The Future

The Future

When referring to the future, it is worth separating the two concepts of goals and dreams.

When referring to the future, it is worth separating the two concepts of goals and dreams. The fact is that there is always an action behind a goal, which leads us to make the goal a reality at some point. As for dreams, this is also an important process in which one allows oneself to achieve more than one can at the moment. Thanks to this way of thinking, the consciousness expands and what a person has dreamt months or years ago finally finds a field for realization. At the same time, while dreaming, a person may not be aware of exactly how his/her dream may come true.

If we take the concept described above, we can divide the future into two types – short and long-term future, where short term future is a very clear goal and real actions with a time frame on the way to it. As for the long-term future, these are dreams that can grow into goals, change or disappear altogether depending on the relevance and internal needs of the individual.

Dreams or long-term plans may come to a person in the form of images or feelings.

This is why it is often impossible to clearly express what one wants, what one is dreaming about. However, it is much easier to describe one’s feelings and sensations in the immense future that everyone strives for. My dreams have many meanings, such as helping people, bringing myself and my knowledge to the benefit of humanity, and creating projects that help ordinary people understand and feel better about themselves.

On the one hand, I already have several group therapies, webinars, and workshops in my background, as well as participation in training projects in the international market. However, my dream is to create products that could help thousands, maybe even millions of people come to their true self and learn to live a better version of their own lives.

Of course, there is no certainty in such global dreams that this will surely happen, nor is there any understanding at all of how to achieve it. But there is a clear understanding that I am already on the way to something bigger and, most importantly, this path is filled with pleasure and ease, because it is mine.

To conclude the discussion on dreams and goals, it is also important to say that the readiness to achieve one’s goals is easily checked by the readiness to give something in return. In other words, every dream has a price, whether it is a contribution of personal time, a financial contribution, or even the separation from something very valuable today.

Giving up one's comfort zone or perceived stability is often a subconscious reason why one does not achieve one's dreams.

Giving up comfort sometimes seems to be a more dangerous action for our brain than the success or financial independence that everyone so desires.

Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

Viktoria Nazarov

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