What’s wrong with the classical approach in hypnotherapy?

Classical Approach of the Hypnotherapy

The Classical vs. My Approach in Hypnotherapy

One day, while tying up loose ends in a hypnotherapy course, listening to online lectures and handing in my written work, I stopped. Without finishing the lecture, I thought about the following – what is the main difference between classical hypnotherapy and the approach I use?

The main difference is that the classical approach says – find the trigger or cause of the symptom in the client and give them a positive suggestion. For example – “next time you’re stressed, you’ll feel relaxed”.

What do I think of this? In my opinion it is not an effective therapy, because one key point is missing – the decision about the response in a particular situation is made by the therapist and NOT by the CLIENT, as it should be.

Empowering the Client: The Key to Effective Therapy

So in therapy I find the triggers and reasons together with the client and then, unlike the classical approach, I allow the client to choose and experience a new response strategy for themselves.

Do you feel the difference? The person makes their own choices!

Because it takes place in a trance-like subcondition, accordingly the effectiveness and results are felt quite soon.

Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

Viktoria Nazarov

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