There and Then

There and Then

Unveiling the Unconscious: My Journey into Hypnotherapy

The Complex Drivers Behind Our Choices

Every action, every step, every movement and every decision is driven by our desire to move forward, to explore ourselves and the world. Sometimes we think we know the answer to the question of what led to a decision, what caused an event to happen. However, that is not entirely true. In fact, what is happening to us today is a consequence of many different factors that we may not even be aware of.

Born with a Purpose: My Innate Qualities as Precursors

Considering the past as the root cause of the decisions we make, I would like to examine the example of my own life story, in which one day, rather unexpectedly, I made the decision to take a year-long course in hypnotherapy. But was the decision really so sudden and spontaneous?

2020: A Personal Crisis and the Quest for Identity

More recently, the events that may have led to the decision to become a hypnotherapist were the events of 2020, where I found myself in an aimless existence and on the verge of destroying my marriage. Sooner or later, everyone finds themselves at a point from which they need to somehow start getting out. This point is like a dark gap, which also needs to be felt in order to finally ask the most important questions – who am I and what do I want?

The first, most seemingly insignificant event that led me to this decision is my very birth with those qualities and character traits that from the first breath endowed me with the ability to see, hear and feel this world only as only I can do. Consequently, in a global sense, the fact that since birth my personality has been endowed with qualities such as empathy, the desire to understand and hear those around me, have already been precursors to the fact that one day I will want to explore this issue even further and learn to use my gifts as a tool to help other people.

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Healing

Despite the fact that, at the time, I had two young children, one of whom was just starting to take his first steps in life, and student responsibilities for a master’s degree in logistics and supply chain management, I started looking for something to help me sort myself out. The first of these steps was my personal therapy, where after a few sessions I found tremendous changes in myself and my life.

At that moment another important, though invisible to the outside eye, inner event occurred – I decided that I wanted to figure out how it worked. One question was on my mind – how, after a few sessions, can a person feel a tremendous qualitative change in their condition and in their life as a whole?

Stepping into the World of Hypnotherapy and Client Work

This decision was followed by several trainings and courses, including the basics of hypnotherapy and psychosomatics, art therapy with a tool such as metaphorical associative cards, scanning, the PSY2.0 method and other techniques.

Each training was followed by action, or rather putting the new knowledge into practice in work with people. The interest in the knowledge that was opening up before me was so great that the practical part, where I began to work with people, was more on an unconscious level. It was only later that I began to think more deeply – why was it that I was working with people? The answer was obvious – having gone through my own path of transformation, I had the desire, the strength, and the opportunity to help other people go through their own journey as well.

Synthesizing Experiences: My Dive into a Hypnotherapy Degree

After two years of training in different areas of psychology and practice, I have become more aware of what I agree with and what I do not agree with, which techniques are effective and which are not. Most importantly, I have been able to understand my own strengths through the experience of working with clients. Thus, having lost my main job in February 2022, I took the “spontaneous” decision to obtain a degree in hypnotherapy. As can be seen now, behind the feeling of a spontaneous decision lies a tremendous past experience, where every step led to the point where I am today.
Viktoria Nazarov - Hypnotherapist

Viktoria Nazarov

Accredited Hypnotherapist

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